Friday, January 6, 2012

Story time

>Going to math
>Sit down, get out pencil, paper, etc.
>Class starts
>Usual boring class, we're doing review so it's pretty quiet and the teacher is at her desk.
>The permeating silence is suddenly broken by my friend
>He roughly opens the door and walks in, making way more noise that he should have
>He sits down next to me
>The teacher just sighs and shakes her head
>My friend looks at me with this massive smile
>"Nigga you high"
>He just keeps smiling, turns and looks at the blank white board at the front of class
>So for about five minutes, this kid is sitting here trying to be quiet, but he's just giggling uncontrollably.
>The teacher is clearly aware he is high
>She says, "Hey anon, do your math"
>It must have been something about how she said the word "math", because this kid just exploded into laughter.
>Everyone was staring
>He collects himself and sits straight faced in the chair, pale as fuck
>Suddenly, he loudly proclaims, "Shit. Well, I'm gonna try again tomorrow."
>He just walks off