Sunday, January 8, 2012


Seduction is important to attracting women - some unfortunate bozos really don't realize this. While some guys may think that their good looks alone (unfortunately I'm one of those) are enough to attract chicks to sleep with them, good looks can only take you so far. No matter how good-looking you are, if you can't seduce her, you'll never obtain what you want. If you're just average looking and you know how to seduce her then you won't have to be reading this article.

Some guys here have such low confidence that they beat around the bush trying to fool the chick into their beds by using dumb pickup lines thinking it's the way to go. A real seductor has the confidence to be honest and straightforward with his target, he knows what he wants and not afraid to show it. He doesn't have to use pickup lines in order to bed girls. A true seductor uses his seduction technique to lure the fish into taking the bait.

Even if you have the perfect approach, it will not guarantee you success. But don't be discouraged; I can honestly tell that the rejection rate is very high when approaching women you don't have previous meetings with (even for good looking guys that get approach by women). You might run into chick who already have BFs, don't have the time to stop and talk, having a bad hair day, or are just not interested. Don't blame yourself and don't let your ego take a hit. This is normal and happens to many men -- even players. Getting rejected by a stranger is part of the game - it's a fun part of the game because you can laugh at it.


Always approach with a plan. I can can improvise successfully (this is a pain trust me), but regardless of the case, having a plan always helps your chances of coming across as a person she might consider dating.

Always be honest about what you want. Don't hide the fact that you wanna get into her skirt - that's the thrill of it. She already knows what you want, lying and fooling her is only gonna make you look like an idiot. Most guys think that they can fool a chick into giving them their number. Chicks already know that you're trying to pick them up, so don't beat around the bush. Be direct and let them know exactly what you want. You'll come across as a confident and straightforward man.

Just be patient, Patience is good. Don't rush into things like a hungry Hyena finding a dead carcass. Have a good approach - be confident about your approach. Know that you can get any girl you want and when you want - have this attitude always. Don't end up looking like a little boy craving for ice cream.

Look into her eyes when you talk to her. Do not stare at her breasts or let your eyes wander elsewhere. Let your body language, your lips, and your eyes convey and explain your desire for her - your desire to touch her body and feel her skin. Do not say it in words. Avoid any sexual comments and quit gazing at her body at all times - keep your eyes to yourself pervert!

Maintain a stimulating conversation. Be original about things you say. Use as less compliments as you can about her looks. Remember, you don't want to come out like a rabid dog in heat.

You need to look good, stylish and trendy. You don't necessarily need to look like a model - but it wil definitely help. Take time to look your best. Make it look like you at least invested some time and money on your looks, not like some bum off the street. That goes without saying: maintain proper hygiene. Have a little fashion sense: go with a trendy shirt, a pair of decent pants, and maybe even an alternative hairstyle (don't go too far).

Appear friendly and approachable. A good smile will definitely do the trick, show those gorgeous whites gents. A lot of women aren't comfortable talking complete stranger so it's up to you to make yourself appear harmless - not like a lost puppy dog mind you, just friendly and approachable. A little humor usually helps.

Be the charming man. To attract beautiful women, you project confidence, good-looks (or appearance of looking good), intellect (yes, very important), and the most important of all, your charm. How do you show charm? Look into her eyes when you speak to her - let her know that you are comfortable to be with her without telling her. Eye contact always. Stimulate her mind and make her think. Just show her that you respect and value her opinion by asking her questions related to current affairs. Laugh at her jokes even if it isn't funny (this is really hard, but you can just laugh at how stupid her joke really is) Show her that there are other things on your mind besides sex. Avoid topics related to sex, sports, ex-girlfriends, money, cars, and so on.

Seduce her emotions and play with it. If you can make her feel then you're on the right tract. Make her excited, give her that rush of adrenaline that she always wanted go on a bike ride ask her to go sky diving with you.

Make her believe that you are real with all your intentions. Leave an open mind. Make her feel beautiful about herself without saying it in words. Again, use your body language and your eyes to accomplish this. Feed her ego without setting yourself up as a stooge. Appear to be a person who would give her pleasure. Light touches to errogenous zones (when invited) is the way to go.

Just keep practicing this. The more you do it the better you become at it. Improvise, just because the above methods worked for me doesn't mean it will work for you - just have a plan and be dynamic.

At least try! It won't be the end of the world.


  1. the most important thing is to be confident, at least in my experience

  2. Great post. Followed. Definitely showing this to my friend. He's always trying to go to those seminars to pick up chicks. haha

  3. It's also worth it to note that insecurity is a plight that affects everyone, and the faster you acknowledge that, the easier it'll be to act with confidence; we're all more similar to each other than we give credit for.

  4. This would be useful if I was interested in picking up chicks.

  5. Trendy? That just sets you as a mark that doesn't have a strong sense of self. There is no "appear" friendly just be. Dude, you can and should be able to talk about anything. If you are afraid to talk about sex then you are bad at sex. Dude, body language? Really? No, if you are actually confident you will be jut be that way.Some of your ideas are good except that you are not looking at what goes on in your mind. It's more about what you think and what you don't think about. It seems like you observed successful men and then try to act like them. When you are good with women you don't care about them. They don't affect you. When you go somewhere it's for YOU for YOUR HAPPINESS. Talking to women? Just talk like she is a normal person. Talk about whatever you want. Stop trying to be what she wants and just be you.